Bore Pump Repair Services in Perth

 With over 25 years of experience, Verlek Electrical Solutions has been providing bore pump repair and service within Perth.

Irrespective of your industry, the type of pump you use, or the fluid that you are pumping, our bore pump repair service is designed to maximise the performance of your pump, minimise the downtime of your pump and minimise the lifecycle costs of your pump.

  • Maximise the Performance of your Pump

 The electricians at Verlek Electrical Solutions are constantly identifying ways to increase the performance of your pump to its fullest, during every bore pump repair that we do. We specialise in rectifying electrical faults and tripping issues, contractor controls as well as motor overloads. We also have our expertise in repair and installation of new bore check valves, solenoid valves and time clocks. Our expert team can also assist you with your insurance work, assisting with house claims. Additionally, we also provide services of water bore bacteria treatment solution as well as iron oxide or bore staining solution.

  • Minimise the Downtime of your Pump

 Our emergency bore pump repair service ensures that we have the fastest turnaround time. Our professional team also aims to ensure that your pumps are offline for the shortest of pre-arranged time to not cause any inconvenience during any emergency.

  • Minimise the Lifecycle Costs of your Pump

 The cost of a bore pump is often considered to be only a fraction of the cost associated during the life of a pump. In some applications, this lifecycle cost may even be up to 10 times the cost of your bore pump.

We Use the Latest Technologies

 At Verlek Electrical Solutions, we have the installed and repaired some of the hardest working pumps in Perth, which work around the clock, while also covering numerous essential services such as water and waste management.

 Such hard working pumps often require regular servicing to maintain efficient operation. However, when a bore pump is moved for the purpose of repair or service, the shafts would then require a re-alignment. The most efficient way to re-align is using laser alignment. This is regarded highest in efficiency because while a pump may look aligned to the naked eye, the smallest of misalignment can affect the efficiency of your pump, resulting in using higher energy and also increasing vibrations and noise.

 Since we use the latest techniques, our experienced team providing Bore Pump repair services Perth cover our repairs with 12 months of warranty plan.


Repairing and Servicing all Bore Pumps

 At Verlek Electrical Solutions, we service and repair bore pumps across all major brands including Lowara, Davey, Orange, Onga, Pedrollo and many more.

 Our team of experienced and professional electricians are equipped to service all of your bore pump repair needs in Perth.


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