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Bore Pump Repair Services in Perth

Verlek bore pump repair service is designed to maximise the performance of your Bore pump, minimise the downtime of your Retic pump and minimise the lifecycle costs of your Bore pump with our one off complete service packages.

Who can fix my Bore Pump ?

The electricians at Verlek Electrical Solutions can identify ways to increase the performance of your pump, during every bore pump repair that we do. We specialise in rectifying electrical faults and tripping issues, contactor controls as well as motor overloads. We are experts in repair and installation of new bore check valves, solenoid valves and Retic controllers. Our expert team can also assist you with your insurance work, assisting with house claims. Additionally, we can provide services in water bore bacteria treatment solution, iron oxide or bore staining solution.

Quick Bore Pump Repairs Perth

Our emergency bore pump repair service ensures that we have the fastest turnaround time. We can usually assist the same day with Bore inspections and quotes, ensuring your grass remains green and healthy all year round.

How long should a bore pump last ?

The cost of a replacement bore pump can be quite expensive, however with correct installation and servicing we can extend the life of your pump so it continues to work for many years to come.

Bore pump life expectancy can vary depend on many factors including the quality of the water, water bacteria or Iron Oxide clogging problems, sand and debris ingress and the run time or usage of your bore pump. Another high ranking factor is the correct type of pump for the depth and water flow required.

A typical life expectancy of a Perth based bore pump would be in the region of 15 to 20 years with high quality pump and correct bore pump model selection for the installation.

What is Automated and Smart Watering ?

At Verlek Electrical Solutions, we have installed and repaired many reticulation and bore pumps in Perth to work fully automated systems, covering numerous essential services such as reticulation and rain water management.

We can design and install rain water catchment and low yield bore systems to ensure adequate water all year round even in difficult water areas such as the Perth hills.

Fully automating the system can ensure that all the available water is maximised and the economic use through Smart Retic Controllers.

Smart Retic controllers can be connected to the WiFi or through mobile phone apps to monitor the weather and rain fall and adjust your bore water use accordingly, ensuring the most economic use of water.

Repairing and Servicing all Bore Pumps

At Verlek Electrical Solutions, we service and repair bore pumps across all major brands including Lowara, Davey, Orange, Onga, Pedrollo and many more.

Our team of experienced and professional electricians are equipped to service all of your bore pump repair needs in Perth.

All repairs and installations by our experienced team in Bore Pump repair services Perth are covered by our 12 months warranty plan.


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