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How and what is Bore Stain Removal  ?

What are the pros and cons of bore water ?


Almost a quarter (24%) of Perth households use garden bore water to supply their irrigation systems. Using bore water has many benefits including:

• Reduction in your household water bills
• Reliable clean supply of water to your property
• Reduce the demand for highly treated scheme water
• Water which is rich in naturally occurring minerals with no man-made chemicals

• Chemical free water is ideal for that lush green perfect lawn

One of the downsides however can be discolouration from the groundwater on your walls, paths, fences and plants. It can also stain clothes which are washed in bore water and plumbing fixtures such as hand basins, baths and toilet bowls.

Some customers can experience a horrible, foul smell coming from their bore water and find a build-up of slime on their garden sprinklers.

Here’s how Verlek can help !

Did you know that bore stains are easily treatable and with regular servicing, you can ensure your property remains stain-free? No more unsightly brown stains!

Did you know that foul-smelling bore water can be treated? Using bore water at your property does not mean you have to put up with “eggy” smells!

So what causes the Bore Staining and the Foul Smell ?

Iron is one of the metals which is most common in soils and groundwater. Iron from the bore water oxidises into bore iron oxide, commonly known as rust, which can leave unsightly rust stains on surfaces. Such rust stain removal cannot be done by merely using household soaps, detergents or bleach.

The foul smell comes from the bacteria

How can Bore Staining be treated ?

Verlek has helped lots of its customer achieve Bore Stain Removal in Perth by using environmentally friendly chemical cleaners to treat the discoloured areas. The products used by Verlek are completely safe providing you with peace of mind. The chemicals we use will not harm in any way your lawns or plants. They are safe for humans, wildlife and pets.

Verlek will spray the affected areas with the chemicals which will breakdown the iron oxide and remove the rust stains. The high-pressure water will be applied to clean the affected areas. The non-toxic chemicals will also be added into the bore water to remove any rust and prevent future staining. The chemicals also breakdown the slime found on garden sprinklers and eradicate the bacteria which causes foul smells.

If the bore fails to respond to chemical treatment, Verlek can perform a hydraulic blowout in order to clear the deposit of iron stains. A hydraulic blowout is capable of removing large mineral deposits and can even increase your flow rate.

The results are amazing! Clean, stain-free walls, paths and fences. Your property has street appeal again! Increase your property value and be the envy of your neighbours.

Is there a long term solution for Bore Stain Removal ?

Yes, there is! To remove bore stains long term, Verlek can install an Ez Flow Bore Stain Removal device. Please enquire for a FREE quotation utilising your existing Reticulation setup.

Ez flow is a small tank that sits adjacent to your main Bore water line in an easy to manage and convenient green sub surface box.

The tank contains a garden and plant friendly bore stain removal chemical that is dosed into the main line at very dilute levels. The chemical is added during your regular automatic watering schedule by a smart Retic controller.

The smart Retic controller opens up a dedicated solenoid valve for the required time and closes again after watering the correct amount.

The system is very low parts count and is extremely reliable and efficient.

How much does a Bore Stain Removal System cost ?

The Ez flow tank setup complete with all required plumbing is between $1000 and $1500.

The chemical bore stain removal product is usually between $150 and $250 a year to top up the tank depending on the size of the garden / area and the amount of Bore Staining present.

Overall it is the easiest and most cost effective way to treat your staining bore water in a neat and concealed way.

Contact Verlek today for a free quote and product run through.

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