The Process of Bore Stain Removal


 Verlek Electrical Solutions has helped its customers reduce the presence of Bore Iron Oxide across solutions ranging from water for toilets, irrigation, and even water for consumption. Among the different methods used to treat this water, the method for bore stain removal would depend on the concentration of iron in the water and also the use of the water. No doubt using bore water would typically lead to iron oxide coating surfaces or in the worst-case scenario, even cause the equipment to perform poorly. Our team has done a lot of work in recovering reverse osmosis membranes and on many occasions, the amount of iron removed was startling.


What Is Iron Staining


 Bore water staining is a common problem when water with an iron content comes in contact with a surface. When this happens, iron from the bore water oxidises into iron oxide, commonly known as rust, leaving a rusty colour on that surface. Thereafter, it may be common to see traces of rust on surfaces such as walls, windows, pathways, tree trunks, garden fittings and even toilets and basins.


Home Test to Check Dissolved Iron


 A simple test can be performed to check if the water from your bore contains dissolved iron. To do the test, collect a sample of your bore water in an empty plastic bottle. Give it a shake and let it sit. In some time, you can start to see iron oxide settling on the bottom of your plastic bottle.


Fouling of Equipment and Irrigation


 As mentioned earlier, if iron staining is present, then the iron oxide would be found in other areas as well, especially in equipment. Iron oxide then forms a solid, leading to this solid building up over time. Bore staining is probably the most common problem seen when using bore water.


Bore Pump Cleaning Process


 The process of bore stain removal in Perth can be split into two procedures.


1. Chemical Treatment: This process is the most common method used to remove iron stains from your bore. When the pump is running, a chemical is circulated within the bore. This process removes the rust build-up and cleans the pump as well as the pipes.


2. Hydraulic Blowout: If the bore fails to respond to the previous chemical treatment, a hydraulic blowout may be required to clear the deposit of iron stains. A hydraulic blowout is capable of removing large mineral deposits and can even increase the flow rate.


Verlek Electrical Solutions


 Verlek Electrical Solutions have over 25 years of experience and can assist you with bore pump servicing and bore stain removal including bore iron bacteria treatment and bore iron sludge removal. Contact us now for more details.

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