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Specialists in Electrical Safety Certificate for your Property

Selling Or Renting Your Property? 

Require A Safety Certificate Issue?

We Provide Rapid Electrical Certification Including -


  • Compliance Checks For RCD's & Smoke Alarm Units.

  • Full Electrical Safety Check & Safety Certificate

  • Earthing Requirements

  • And Many More!


Experienced Electricians. Fully Licensed & Insured. Cheap, Quick and Easy! Call Now.

Verlek Provides Fast Same Day Service. Contact Us Now For More Details. 


Landlord Smoke Alarm and RCD Electrical Safety Certificate Perth


Verlek can assist in providing electricity safety certificates, performing electrical inspections, testing and electrical repairs for Homeowners, Landlords and Home Buyers in Perth. All of our electricians are fully qualified and insured to assist you efficiently. We also provide fast same day service and quick turnaround in issuing the required documentation.


Electrical Certificate for Landlords


As a landlord or an authorised real estate agent, you have an obligation to ensure that your home is safe for your tenants. It is a legal obligation for landlords now to get an Electrical Safety Certificate in Perth to ensure the safety of their staff and the tenants with compliant smoke alarms and RCD protection on final sub circuits.


How Can Verlek Help

Our expert Verlek electricians can identify and advise remedial action for various electrical hazards including :


  • Detect electrical faults that may cause nuisance tripping or safety hazards.

  • Check all installations for compliance and safe operation.

  • Check faulty electrical installations and advise on remedial action.

  • Identify overloads on sub circuits and Electrical hot spots.


We can the Electrical Certificate report within 24 hours of completion of testing. If required, we can also provide a quote for the remedial work to bring the installation up to date. Once all the remedial work is carried out, we will issue an electrical safety certificate.

Verlek Also Provide Fast Same Day Service. Contact Us Now For More Details. 

  • Is it a Legal Requirement to have an Electrical Safety Certificate for selling or renting a property?
    Yes, it is a requirement to have an Electrical Safety Certificate to ensure compliance and safety of the Electrical installation, RCD's & Smoke Alarms.
  • How Fast Can I Get the Certificate after Inspection and Testing?
    In many instances we can issue the certificate same day. If remedial works are required we can often complete the works whilst on site with autherisation and issue the certificate once complete.
  • How Long is the Electrical Safety Certificate Valid For?
    Verlek recommends periodic inspection by a qualified electrician once every 5 years.
  • Do I need an Electrical Safety Certificate for Home Insurance?
    Yes, most insurers require an Electrical Installation Safety Certificate on completion of home renovations or remedial works. This ensures that such things as LED downlights have been installed correctly by qualified Electricains and do not pose a fire hazard.
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