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Power Pole Replacement : Do You Need To Upgrade ?

Why Have I Received A Western Power Defect Notice ?

Following the Supreme Court judgement relating to the Parkerville fire, Western Power are conducting inspections of private consumer power poles which are connected to their network.

A defect notice may be issued if a structural defect is identified by the inspection. A defect could include damage to your power pole which impacts the integrity of the structure such as corrosion, rust or rotting, damage to the actual physical pole or the pole may be leaning or unstable.

Structural failure of your private power pole could pose a significant safety risk such as power interruptions to Western Power’s network, electrocution or potential to cause a fire.

What Do I Need To Do If I Receive A Defect Notice ?

Private power poles are recommended to be fixed in the given timescale stated on the defect notice paperwork, usually 30 or 90 days from the date the notice was issued.

The work required to replace a private power pole must be conducted by a qualified electrical contractor. The qualified electrical contractor will need to liaise with Western Power in order to submit the required notice of intended works and also to coordinate the disconnection and re-connection of power prior to works being conducted and at the completion of work where required.

Verlek are experienced electrical contractors who have conducted a number of replacement private power poles and will provide a hassle free service from start to finish which will include all required liaison with Western Power.

If Western Power do not receive a notice from a qualified electrical contractor of the intended works, then they may potentially issue a power disconnection notice date if they consider your private power pole to be a safety risk.

How Much Does A Power Pole Cost To Replace ?

The cost to replace your private power pole can vary depending on a number of factors. The price can range from $2400 for a basic stand alone pole with the price increasing for more technical pole replacements, for example where a switchboard is connected to the pole, or if there is hard ground or the main power line in feeds directly from the overhead power lines.

Verlek will inspect your power pole and provide a free, transparent quotation which will clearly detail the works required for your consumer pole replacement and will include all relevant Western Power fees associated with the work.

Verlek will provide a fixed price quotation; there will be no hidden charges and no further fees will be applied regardless of any further technical difficulty identified during works.

Verlek qualified electrical contractors will be your direct contact for the works. You will only need to liaise with Verlek, who will coordinate all work required with the various contractors to complete the job as per the approved quotation.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Power Pole ?

Once you have engaged a qualified electrician to conduct the works required to replace your private power pole and Western Power have been appropriately notified (if required), then the works can be conducted as soon as convenient for the client and the qualified electrical contractor.

Where the replacement consumer pole works require Western Power to disconnect and reconnect power, Verlek will ensure power outages are kept to a minimum through their liaison with Western Power and the client.

Transparent timelines and scheduling will be clearly communicated to ensure minimal disruption to the client during the works. Power is usually either energised the same day or worse case scenario, the next day.

A possibility of a slight delay may occur in the event Western Power are not able to attend when scheduled due to other priorities such as attending to power outages, or emergencies.

Further information on power pole responsibility can be found here -

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